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Welcome to our store.dacquasparta.it website.  Please read our Privacy Policy carefully and refer to it every time you visit the dacquasparta.it website, scroll through its pages or use its services, regardless of whether or not you purchase the products.  The data processor for data collected on the website is EDOARDO & LORENZO SRL - C.F.P.Iva FI 04858390489 - Isc.Reg.Soc. N.53298 Trib.FI - M.N. FI043658 - CCIAA FI41564, owner of the trademark D’Acquasparta , adress: Via llio Barontini n.5/3-50018-Firenze - ITALIA  te: +39 055791041- email: info@dacquasparta.it (hereinafter “D’Acquasparta”), which autonomously establishes the data processing purpose and methods and the adoption of security procedures with a view to guaranteeing data privacy and integrity as well as access to the data collected. D’Acquasparta  informs its Users are protected by D.Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196  e del Regolamento UE 679/2016 (GDPR).   The request for the above information can be renewed with an interval of ninety days, except for the existence of justified motivations; the cancellation, the modification in anonymous format of all of the data in case of violation of laws, together with the data which is not used for the aims for which they were collected. Any comments, questions or requests relating to the use of personal data by D’Acquasparta can be addressed to the following e-mail address: info@dacquasparta.it D’Acquasparta declares that it does not collect the personal data of minors (under the age of 18).  If you are under 18 years of age you will be invited to show the abovementioned Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions to a parent or guardian before submitting an order on the  dacquasparta.it website.   Privacy policy

The disclosure of personal information to the EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  when required in the various cases in which data is collected on this website, is necessary for the purposes as stated in the disclosure.  If the required information is not provided in full it will not be possible to continue with the online request and EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  will be unable to fulfil the request.
The disclosure of other data to the 
EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  in addition to the mandatory data is optional and shall have no effect on the principal purpose for which the personal data is collected.

Data subject rights
Data subjects may ask 
EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta , at any time, to confirm, in a clear and understandable manner, whether or not their data has been entered in the company’s database.  Data subjects may also request that EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  confirm the source from which their personal data was obtained, the processing purposes and methods thereof and the criteria adopted in using the electronic data processing equipment; data subjects may also object, in full or in part and for legitimate reasons, to the processing of their personal data.

EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  can also be asked to do the following:

  • Update, amend and supplement personal data;
  • Delete, transform into anonymous form or block personal data if processed in violation of the law.
In order to arrange for names and personal data to be deleted from EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  database, data subjects should send an e-mail message to the info@dacquasparta.it email address. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter by notifying us: info@dacquasparta.it
Privacy policy principles
The personal data disclosed to us can be processed by EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  either manually or with the aid of electronic equipment, for the following purposes: 
  • for the processing of the purchase order in relation to executing the online order and for the relevant accounting and fiscal activities;
  • for the management of correspondence and service requests, for the execution and shipping of orders;
  • for checking that the transaction data has been provided in full, is valid and correct with no fraudulent markers;
  • for subscription to specific additional services, such as for example the newsletter and other information circulars on EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  activities;
In processing personal data which may identify you, whether directly or indirectly, EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta ’s objective is to adhere to the ‘strictly necessary’ principle.  EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  has therefore set up this website in such a way as to reduce the use of personal data to a minimum: personal data is not therefore processed when the purpose of a specific activity can be fulfilled using anonymous data.

EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  may only use personal data for the purposes of issuing advertising materials for its products and services where it has obtained the user’s prior and explicit consent.

The “D’ACQUSPARTA Customer” database is the exclusive property of 
EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta .
EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  declares that is shall not resell, grant a license for or disclose the names, addresses, e-mail addresses or other personal information of the data subjects to entities other than EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta , with the exception of those cases for which such disclosure is mandatory by law or should become necessary for the purposes of the law, for which data subject consent is not required; in such cases, personal data may be accessed by third parties who will autonomously and exclusively process the data for the aforementioned purposes. EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  works for online sales only with the following third parties: Shipment of merche: D&T DelliTecnotrans srl and DHL International Courier Online payment:  BANCO BPM – NEXI and PAY PAL. -Trusted Shops : sigillo di qualità (*)   Customer data will be disclosed only to DHL Courier for delivery of the package and can not be used correctly by DHL Courier for other purposes. EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta   may process third party personal data, disclosed directly by its own users, such as for example when a user purchases a product that is to be delivered to someone else, or when the person paying for a product is someone other that the end recipient of the product.  It is however the user who is responsible for obtaining the person’s consent and informing the person on the Privacy policy before disclosing their personal data to EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta  . 

Security measures

EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta   undertakes to adopt all such measures as reasonably possible to protect personal information.
EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta   invites you to check that the computer you are using is equipped with adequate software to protect the transmission of both incoming and outgoing data (such as up-to-data anti-virus software for example).

Privacy policy updates

EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta   has the right to amend or simply update this Privacy policy in full or in part following any changes to the privacy laws and legislation protecting your rights. The aforementioned amendments and updates to this Privacy policy will be notified to users in the Privacy policy page as soon as such amendments and updates are made. EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. / D’Acquasparta   therefore invites you to periodically check this page.
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 Information provided by EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. pursuant to Article 13 of the Italian Data Protection Code The independent data controller for the data collected through the first-party cookies installed by www. dacquasparta.it  and store. dacquasparta.it . EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L. - C.F.P.Iva FI 04858390489 - Isc.Reg.Soc. N.53298 Trib.FI - M.N. FI043658 - CCIAA FI41564 owner of the trademark “D’ACQUASPARTA”, Via llio Barontini n.5/3-50018-Firenze – ITALIA.  nel rispetto delle previsioni del D.Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196  e del Regolamento UE 679/2016 (GDPR)   The data controllers specify, each for its respective website, that: - The data is collected solely for the purposes and for the term indicated in the table set above and is processed electronically; - The use of these ("technical") cookies does not require prior consent since it is necessary for enabling users to browse through the websites and allows the websites to properly function. If the technical cookies are removed through browser settings, browsing through the websites might not be possible, in whole or in part; - The collected data may be disclosed to third parties - for purposes connected with those described above - which act on behalf of the data controllers, in the capacity of data processors or persons tasked with the processing; - As described in greater detail on the Personal Data Processing Notice that can be accessed by clicking on the "Data Protection" link located in the footers of each website page, users may exercise the rights provided for under  D.Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196  e del Regolamento UE 679/2016 (GDPR)  (which include the updating, correction, addition or deletion of personal data processed in violation of the law) by writing an email to the following addresses (depending on which site is involved): • EDOARDO & LORENZO S.R.L all'indirizzo info@dacquasparta.it  o  ecommerce@dacquasparta.it   

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